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JOHN's ISAAN HOLIDAY GUEST HOUSE in north-east Thailand (Chaiyaphum/Khon Kaen) 

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Welcome in 
John Isaan holiday guest house in Thailand!

They would like to spend in the Isan (also Isan/Issan) your Thailand here vacation with unforgettable and lasting memories or to leave the cold season in Europe forgotten into our guest house?
Whether only a few day is or as long-term holiday-makers, you us cordial welcome!

The northeast of Thailand is tourist hardly an opened region, here finds one in the rural area the typical original Thai way of life multiple.

Our small oasis offers peace and relaxation to you off the meanwhile quite quirligen vacation areas of Thailand. Learn the land life, with its friendly
Inhabitants in the middle of rice fields, works on from water buffalos do know & love.
Visit surrounding national park, buddhistischen temple and Waterfalls.

We load you into our new roomy and air-conditioned house. 5 holidays rooms with 3 baths and common break area as well as a separated separate vacation home are to our guests as accommodation at the disposal.
On our garden terrace you can let the cosy evenings end.

For the physical well-being one provides in the best way. German meal, Mediterrane kitchen and Thaigerichte are prepared depending upon desire. For older or handicapped visitors also gladly a nice support can be organized with longer stays.

We speak German and English (and Thai …)

Accommodation Isan Guesthouse

The Isan guest house
Holiday house Isan - view into the rice fields

View into rice fields

Holiday house front view with garden

Guest House Garden

What costs the accommodation? Our holidays rooms/vacation home price list
They can reserve our rooms here comfortably on-line!

Holidays room

Three  holidays rooms standard are available in the ground floor equipped with 16 and/or 18m ² for in each case 2 persons with double bed, a quiet adjustable cover fan and files for your personal things.
The rooms possess a further separate terrace exit. An auxiliary order bed, and/or cradle can be in each case specially placed when desired.
bed & BREAK nearly
per day
1. Person 15.00 2.Person 7.50 Child to 8years 4.00
bed & BREAK nearly
special starting from 7 days
1. Person 13.50 2.Person 6.75 Child to 8years 3.60
bed & BREAK nearly
special starting from 30 days
1. Person 12.00 2.Person 6.00 Child to 8years 3.20
The prices refer to a room/a day and contain breakfast.

Holiday house Chaiyaphum

Holidays room

Two Deluxe holidays rooms are available equipped with 22 and/or 26m ² for in each case 2 persons with double bed, aircondition, radio, television, quiet adjustable cover fan and cabinets for your personal things.
The rooms are in the 1st floor and possess a common terrace. Provide cradle can be when desired specially placed.
bed & BREAK nearly
per day
1. Person 25.00 2.Person 7.50 Child to 8years 4.00
bed & BREAK nearly
special starting from 7 days
1. Person 22.50 2.Person 6.75 Child to 8years 3.60
bed & BREAK nearly
special starting from 30 days
1. Person 20.00 2.Person 6.00 Child to 8years 3.20
The prices refer to a room/a day and contain breakfast.

Holiday house/vacation home Loei (Thailand Guest House)

holiday house view

Separate one
Vacation home
2 rooms & bath

Our vacation home is altogether 30m ² largely, for 2 persons equipped with double bed,  aircondition,, radio, television, adjustable cover fan, cabinets for your personal things as well as an integrated bath with shower & WC.
Holidays dwelling is in the 1st floor. An auxiliary order bed, and/or cradle can be in each case specially placed when desired.
bed & BREAK nearly
per day
1. Person 25.00 2.Person 7.50 Child to 8years 4.00
bed & BREAK nearly
special starting from 7 days
1. Person 22.50 2.Person 6.75 Child to 8years 3.60
bed & BREAK nearly
special starting from 30 days
1. Person 20.00 2.Person 6.00 Child to 8years 3.20
The prices refer to a room/a day and contain breakfast.

Vacation home Isan (Issan Guesthouse)

Further information to holiday house room reservation


The indicated prices for the stay refer to 1st person and 1 room and contain breakfast. Further traveler and children which the room divide received as indicated in the price list up to 50% discount, children until 8 years to 75%.

The moreover you keep their holidays room more favorable starting from 1 week stay “starting from 7 days Special” further 10%. For long-term holiday-makers which your room over one month book gotten with ours “starting from 30 days Special” whole 20% Discount starting from the 1st day!

We deal naturally gladly with your desires and prepare for you at noon and evening Thai and European meals at moderate prices.

Beverages, Snacks as well as articles for the daily need are available in our Minishop at the cost price! In the place is a Sky DSL Internetshop.

Our holiday house is appropriate for central in northeast Thailand. Ideally as starting point for journeys and routes too over 20 of national park in the region up to the Mekong in the north with Nong Khai or to the world-famous Khmer temple plant Phimai in the south with Khorat (NAK-hone Ratchasima Phimai Historical park).

We lead daily trips for our guests with the car to the objects of interest of the regions Phimai/Khorat, Khon Kaen, Chaiyaphum and Loei gladly starting from EUR 19. - through.

To far ones distant goals such as Nong Khai at the Mekong, Sakon NAK-hone, Surin or Buriram are naturally possible after previous arrangement. --> see trip goals in the Isan

For individual routes in the Isan different rented cars of offers are available.
For the investigation we offer inexpensive bicycle and moped to the closer environment.

Isan landscape/fauna

Isan landscape

Isan buddhist temple chayaphum

Village temple [wat]

Holiday house in the Isan: isan Village idyl - Thai children

Thai Village idyl

The holiday houses location - the journey of Bangkok and far journey….

Our holiday guest house lies in the north of the province Chaiyaphum, toward Loi.
The next two small cities Phukieo and Kaeng Khro are approx. 25km far away.

Our village calls itself Ban Hoy Hoi and is 15km east the state route 201 which of Chaiyaphum comes and over Chum Phae after Loei leads.

Our address:

John & Noojiam Häsler, 51Moo5 Banhoyhoi, 36110 Phu Khieo  > map


Telephone: 0878805239   (worldwide): 0066-878805239)

They can reserve our rooms comfortably from worldwide.


For technical problems ask reservation by email or telephone +49 179-2932061

Collection in Bangkok: We fetch you from the airport or your hotel in Bangkok gladly. The price amounts to for up to 4 persons EUR 99. -. (6 persons EUR 139. -)

Journey with the airplane of Bangkok: The flights go from the cathedral TIC airport. The tickets Bangkok Khon Kaen should be booked before >> flight plan & reservation
According to agreement we get you then for EUR 19. - in Khon Kaen airport off.

Journey with the bus of Bangkok: They drive with the taxi into Bangkok to the North East Busstation - into thai: “Morchit” and buy a ticket after Phu Khieo spoken to “Puukiau” - it is the Buslinie after Loi [Muang loi] - price approx. 7. - EUR
The bus drive off in the morning starting from 6.00 o'clock once per hour and are for the 380km approx. 5-6 hours on the way. They rise in Phu Kieo out [say to the bus personnel before].
Meeting place in Phu Kieo at the 7Eleven-Supermarkt - we fetch you there free of charge.

Journey with the course of Bangkok: They drive with the taxi into Bangkok to main station - into thai: “Hualampong” and buy a ticket after Khon Kaen.
From Bangkok 5 courses for 220B/2.Klasse and 115B/3.Klasse drive to each day.
Travel time approx. 9 hours, the Sprinter 75 (8: ) 8 hours however somewhat more needs, costs 20 (approx. 310B). Course timetables. According to agreement we fetch you then gladly in Khon Kaen Train station. Costs EUR 19. - [80km].

On and far journey with the bus of & to Bangkok, Pattaya, Nong Khai, Chiang May, Chiang Rai, Loei and Khorat and many further places problem-free possible.

see also >> inexpensive flights from Europe to Bangkok/Thailand starting from EUR 449

Map Isan Thailand (Isaan)

Journey isaan map
Isan guest house - view into the mountains of Khon Kaen Khorat-Plateau
View from the mountains
guest house swimming pool Chumpae (thailand)

Swimming pool Chumpae

Isan holiday guest house - view north east Thailand

Behind the house

To Isan village school & wade

To village school & wat

Photo: Thailand Isan water buffalo

Water buffalo

The common apartment range and the bath in the holiday house

Room Holiday guest house Khon Kaen Holiday house Isan room Holiday house Isan room 2 Holiday guest house Isan shower room

The air-conditioned residence area with television, DVD and Esstisch.

Baths with tub & shower

Isan of trip goals in the proximity to 200km

Chaiya phum is because of the western edge of the Isaan. The distance to the capital Bangkok amounts to approx. 350 km. It daily bus connections. Half of the province consists of savages mountain country shank and of forest.

Thon national park did - with Kaset Sombun, with beautiful Wasserfällen and a sumptuous animal world. Approx. 20 km of the city at the highway Chaiyaphum - Kaset Sombun. Very beautiful landscapes, which are ideal for a picknick, or a small rest.

Chulaphon artificial lake - the lake lies in the Amphoe Khon San and forms a popular trip goal. A bezaubernde landscape surrounds the dam. At accommodations there are simple Bungalows.

National park Phu Khieo - game reservation Phukhiew [car] in the province Chaiyaphum, a protected area for a multiplicity, initiated by the Thai king & international animal protection organizations, endangered game places. It is one of the most important protected ranges in northeast Thailand, and the third largest animal protected area in Thailand. In the mountains high to 1500m Panthera tigers and different kinds of leopard were ausgewildert. Further there are elephants here,
3 rare kinds of parrot and the Sumatra Nashorn.

Elephant meeting - Ban Khai and Chaiyaphums elephant meeting takes place 12 km of the province capital. Ban Khai is an elephant village. The principal occupation of the inhabitants of this village exists in zähmen savages the elephant. The meeting takes place in January.

Chaiyaphum festival - an annual festival takes place at the Chao Pho Phraya Lae Shrine, which on the bank Pla Tai of pond stands and was built as monument for the founder of Chaiyaphum, which 1826 in the fight was killed. The festival starts on first Wednesday in June and goes 7 days long.

Statue of the Phraya Phakdi Chumphon - the statue stands at the place of its murder by Lao troops.

Ku is emblazoned – the oldest religious building of the city, sandstone building with old Buddha figure

Wua Daeng - offers an interesting Höhlensystem, which is appropriate for something off the tourist paths in the midst of a delightful landscape. It is to be arrived somewhat toilsomely at these caves, but it is in each case be worth-worth, on the one hand because of the really beautiful caves and the bezaubernden landscape. 60 km von Nong Bua hired, is this Wua hired mountain, which several interesting caves explore to offer.

Pha Koeng - a cliff on the point of the Lambda of mountain, in approximately 47 km von Chaiyaphum removes. Here 7 m a high Buddha figure is in the midst of a religious park.

The Pa Ngam national park (ลานหินงาม), about 90km southwest from Chaiyaphum convenient, received its names from the bizarre Ngam rock formations and is one of the most remarkable objects of interest in the Isan. The name Ngam meant “beautiful stone” and Pa means “forest”. This high mountain massif forms the Wasserscheide between the rivers Chao Phraya and Mekong in Thailand.
The Pa Ngam national park offers a wonderful view at its 846 m high cliff (to edge of the earth, see photo Pa--Ngam national park) over the hilly landscape. Between the bizarre rock formations there is a large occurrence of Siamesi tulips (Lat. Curcuma alismatifolia), (Thai. Kra Jiao). In the month July, at the beginning of the rain time transforms the area into an enormous purple and knows flowering flower patch.

Sai Thong national park - lies in the west of the province, with a beautiful Wasserfall. To about 50 km from the city centre from Chaiyaphum far away, at the road (225) after NAK-hone Sawan. The skin attraction is the Nam Tok Sai Thong (or Sai Thong) Wasserfall, about 1 km right from the main street. , Gives also here it is interesting in July a pink one “Kra Jiao” tulip field. Over this to see one somewhat or stay overnight also one night must walk in the forest.

Khon Kaen
The city is distant 380 km air line (449 road kilometers) for about from the capital Bangkok and possesses an airport and is because of the line Bangkok - Nong Khai (border to Laos) and the Mekong. It daily bus connections.
In Khon Kaen city there is a Lao and vietnamesisches consulate for the regulation of visa affairs.

National museum with the bronze-temporal finds from the place Ban Chiang, which is than 5,000 years old partially more. Objects from the Dvaravati period (Buddha back-ups, Votivtafeln, decoration). In the yard several bay worth seeing decorated with reliefs Sema are to be likewise seen from the Dvaravati time. Everyday life articles of the farmers and silk production as well as an historical overview round the offer off.

Wade to Nongwang - lake is in the south of the city at the Klangmuang road with view of the Kaen NAK-hone. The very beautiful wade loads the visitor around itself the old buddhistische works of art to regard.

Phra That Kham Kaen statue - in Amphoe Nam Phong, is established over the stump Tamarindenbaum established to 19 m a high Chedi. It stands within wades to Chediyaphum and contains smaller Reliquien Buddhas. Temple celebration is on the full moon day in April. The province capital received its names from these Chedi.
Chonnabot - Amphoe Chonnabot is beyond the national borders admits for the production of an excellent „ Mat Mi
Tham company Mu (hand casting cave) - in Amphoe Phu Wiang, 7 m deep cave, 3 m highly and 50 m long; the cave was discovered 1964 and contains 9 hand castings.
Dat company Wasserfall - on the mountain Phu Wiang with a height of approximately 15 meters. The cascade is accessible from Amphoe Phu Wiang for cars. It is 24 kilometers of Amphoe Phu Wiang. Skeleton-well-behaved remnants of dinosaurs were discovered on mountain Phu Wiang. Ribs and abdomen bone one were uncovered approximately 140-Millionen-jährigen Dinos. There is a Reclining Buddha figure from the Dvaravati period. Ceremonies take place each year (Songkran celebration) in April.
Prasat Puay Noi - well received plant from the Khmer time, is appropriate for about 78 km south the province capital Khon Kaen. 3 Pagoden from brick on a Laterit foundation and with a square Mondop, surround by a water ditch.
Phu Wiang national park - 85 km von Khon Kaen removes.
Dok Khun Siang Kaen festival - the seven-day event takes place between that 12. and 15.April in Bung Kaen Nakhon. In the morning the buddhistische monks food will transfer, takes place to water on admired Buddha figures speckled and a removal in cars decorated with flowers. The celebration is coined/shaped by flowers, music and Fröhlichkeit.
Phra That Kham Kaen festival - takes place at the full moon night of the 6th moon month in the wade Chetiyaphum. People come from all directions around Phra That Kham Kaen to honour and for benedictions and luck pray. The fair shows cultural performances and popular maintenance.
Silks festival and Phuk Siao - it finds in late November and early December before province-resounds and to the Ratchadanuson the park instead of. The zehntägige celebration celebrates the traditional cultivation of Maulbeer trees, which fodder for the silk worms are. Khon Kaen is famous for its silk production. The word Siao means friend. The festivenesses covers multicolored removals, exhibitions, local maintenance and northeast specialities.

The province is because of the north border from Thailand to Laos, which is essentially formed by the Mekong. From Bangkok lies with somewhat more than 500 km far away.

Phu Kradung national park - high plateau, unusually in Thailand because of the moderate climate and the forms of vegetation exerted by it, about 70 km von Loei removes m on an average height of 1325 ü. NN. The Phu Kradung plateau is with forests bewachsen, from ponds and Wasserfällen pulled in those a still absolutely rare animal and plant world through is present. One must have seen and experience it with own eyes around this beauty on the plateau to understand to be able. The ascent on the Phu Kradung is worthwhile itself already because of the singular mountain backdrop with to a large extent intact nature. On the mountain is a camp.

Phu Luang national park - game reservation with numerous animal species, among other things elephant, tiger, bear, is appropriate about 1550 for m ü. NN.
Suan Pha Ngam - a goal worth seeing is however the Thai stone forest
“Stone Forest Suan Pha Ngam”. The park is appropriate for 62 km south of Loei. One drives those to highway No. 201 over Wang Sapung to Nong and bends then right into a small side street of far toward Suan Pha Ngam.

Loi night market – takes place daily
Loi Dok Fai Ban – cotton bloom celebration at the beginning of of February with a procession, sale of line goods and beauty competitions.
Wade to Prathat Songpak - at the Maenam Nan convenient, with a Chedi of 30m height.
Khaeng Khut Khu currentfast - at the Mekong.

Cotton bloom celebration - in February, with procession in pictorial cotton garbs and - costumes as well as a beauty competition.

Map North East Thailand

Map northeast Thailand
Isan holiday house a trip goal: doing clay/tone Waterfall in Chaiyaphum

Ta Thon Waterfall

Isan holiday house a trip goal: Wildly Life national park Phukieo

Wildlife park Phukieo

Pa Ngam national park Chaiyaphum (northeast Thailand)
Pa-Ngam national park
Isan guest house a trip goal: Pa Ngam rock

Pa Ngam skirt

Isan holiday house a trip goal: Pa Ngam national park

Pa Ngam
Thai tulips field

Isan holiday guest house a trip goal: Sai Thong Wasserfall

Sai Thong Wasserfall

Isan holiday house a trip goal: Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen
Wat to Nongwang

Isan holiday house a trip goal: Khon Kaen wat to Nong Wang

Khon Kaen
Wat to Nongwang

Isan holidays: Photo mushroom Dealer

Mushrooms from the Isan

Isan holiday house a trip goal: Khon Kaen wat to Sri That

Khon Kaen
Wat to Sri That

Isan holiday house a trip goal: Loei mountains

Travel fields & mountains

Isan vacation: Thai of children in the rice field

Children in the rice field

Photo: Isan rice harvest
Isan rice harvest
Accommodation in Loei (Isaan phu_kradung_nationalpark)
Loei Phu Kradung
Photo: Isan holiday guest house Loei Phu Kradung nationalpark
Phu Kradung Loei
Isan holidays: Mountain lake in the Loei Phu Luang national park
Loei Phu Luang

further trip goals in northeast Thailand >> ISAN TRAVEL GUIDE

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