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Vacation in northeastern Thailand • Itineraries & Holidays ...

The Northeast Thailand Travel Guide with hotels & Attractions

Isaan Map
Map of the province of Isaan

1. Holidays in Isaan-  Land & People, history, festivals and traditions are worth a visit
2. Northeast Thailand Map with travel schedules for their tours in Isaan
3. Isaan arrival to north-east of Bangkok by plane, train or bus
4. Web Links for your trip to Thailand in North, Northeast and South Thailand

Isaan Travel Itineraries - Description of the most beautiful destinations with attractions, photos and hotels

5. Pak Chong, Khorat and Phimai - From Bangkok, the first destinations in Northeast
6. Chaiyaphum, Loei Phu Khiao & - A route off the beaten track
7. Nong Khai - Touristic highlight on the Mekong River and gateway to Laos
8. Khon Kaen and Udon Thani - Cultural and tourist centers in Northeast Thailand
9. Nakhon Phanom, Mukdahan & Yasothon - As a tour along the Mekong
10. Roi Et & Kalasin  - The central Isan: wide rice fields, water buffalo & Temple
11. Buri Ram, Surin and Ubon- The eastern Isaan to the border with Cambodia
1. Holidays in Isaan - Land & People, natural beauty, history, festivals and traditions
The Northeast of Thailand is also abbreviated as Isan (Thai: อีสาน also Isaan, Issan, or I-san Isarn) called, includes about
a third of the Kingdom. The northeastern provinces are a little touristy part of developed country, here one finds particularly in rural areas, often before even the original Thai way of life. Large open spaces with square rice fields and water buffalo are interspersed with huge mountain ranges. Isaan is geographically the center of the Khorat Plateau and is bounded north and east on the Mekong from Laos and southeast of Cambodia. In the west separating the Phetchabun mountain range the Isaan of northern and central Thailand.The Isan is for culture and nature-oriented tourists, one of the most fascinating Zieln in Thailand.
Cultural and historical Highligts are the major temples as the heir of the great Khmer empire with its many archaeological artifacts.
Three of Thailand's most popular national parks - Khao Yai, Phu and Phu Rua in Loei Kradung - can be explored. Starting point for adventurous journeys to destinations along the mighty and myths and legends defy Mekong River across to Laos.

In the Isaan region, a third of the population of Thailand. In 2000, the population of 20 million people in Isaan. Four provinces surrounding the major cities in Isaan, bearing the same name: In 2000 there were in the city of Udon Thani 220 500 inhabitants, 204 400 in Khorat, Khon Kaen in 141 000, and Ubon Ratchathani had 106 500 inhabitants.

Like all Thai country, so is life in Isaan strongly influenced by Buddhism. Animism, belief in spirits is German, also in the lives of people in Isaan deep roots. The Buddhist Temple (Thai: Wat) is the most important building the villages.These temples are not only of religious worship, but also be used as a solid and assembly halls. Architecturally outweighs the Lao-style, which is simpler than the ornate Thai-style, this is also true for representations of Buddha in Isaan.

The people in Isaan celebrates a number of traditional festivals, the Thai festivals water festival from next Songkhran 13th April to 15 and Loi Krathong Festival of Lights in November April, there are many worth visiting regional festivals in Isaan.
The best known are the silk Festivals of Loei and Khon Kaen, the Naga fireballs (Bangfai Phayanak) from Nong Khai, the candle festival in Ubon Ratchathani, which the Buddhist Lent in July, heralding that, and the famous elephant festival in Surin.

The majority of the population is ethnic Lao and we speak from the Isan also a Laotian dialect, however, very much in common with the Thai language has. For in the historical period between the 9th and 14 Century was the North East of Thailand, part of the great Khmer Empire, which (Cambodia), Angkor was dominated by.So you find today in Isaan more than 30 large classical Khmer ruins, the most famous is certainly Phimai in Nakhon Ratchasima.

The ancient kingdoms of the Khmer and Lao people from Cambodia and Laos have now determined in the past centuries the history of this area. Everywhere one meets here, far more than in any other country in Southeast Asia, the testimony of Buddhist relics and colorful past, traces of old and the oldest civilizations and magnificently restored Khmer temples and ruins from all centuries.

The large number of large national parks and wildlife reserves make the area for tourism for nature lovers very interesting. Over 200 different wild animals including elephants, tigers, deer and a wide range of birds and snakes, for example, in the Khao Yai National Park, Phu Kadung in the province of Loei and the Wildlife Reserve in the province of Chaiyaphum Phu Khiao.

The Mekong is Southeast Asia's largest river and forms the border between Thailand and Laos and is one of the attractions of Issan.
The Mekong rises in Tibet and flows from China to the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. The Mekong is the largest freshwater fish in the world, the Mekong Catfish is at home. WWF has launched as part of its "Living Mekong" program a bailout for the giant catfish and other threatened fish species.

In Isaan, the people are very hospitable. The visitor is in the remote villages often admired as one white Europeans (Thai: Farang) mostly from the TV knows agriculture. The people live mainly in the. Since in Isaan usually less rain than the rest of Thailand and by the relatively nutrient-poor soils, the rice yields are often sparse and the merit is correspondingly low. Unlike the rice bowl of Thailand, the estuary of the major rivers in central Thailand, where possible, usually two rice crops per year, in Issan only one rice crop a year is possible. Grown, both high-quality jasmine rice, which is generally produced for the sale, and sticky rice, which is intended for internal consumption.
TheIsaan is the center of Thai silk. In addition to an increasing extent, is cultivated sugar cane and cassava. The water buffalo is for many farmers still an important work animal. For meat are bred mainly in Isaan pig, cattle, chickens, ducks and fish.
The sticky rice grown anywhere in Issan - Khao Niau is the main food. In the northeast, the courts will once again sharply spiced and eaten separately. The regional specialties such as Som Tam, the green papaya salad with fermented shrimp or fish of the season and a lot of chili are not necessarily suitable for Europeans. At a minimum, a larger water bottle may be present. But the Thais know that and are able to Farang's to cook delicious dishes.
In Isaan you can eat what can not run away fast enough, or fly away. Roasted grasshoppers, crickets, larvae, water beetles, silk worms and ant eggs are a delicacy here and are offered by many street vendors.

Children in Thailand are generally more pampered than common in Europe.In school, you will, however, greater respect for elders, parents, teachers and Buddhist leaders as taught in the Western world. They enjoy absolute authority.

The duty of children to care for their parents later this course. In Thailand there is no age social security and now only a minimum pension for people in the village. Even if the children no longer live in the village, you are often the only protection and support of the elderly. Many work in companies in Bangkok and tourist areas. Who is talking intensively with the girls at the bars of Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, you will notice that most are from Isaan. With the money earned to support their children in large families at home in Issan to bring you back a modest standard of living.

Isaan is the climate in the continental climate, with the very hot season, March to June and relatively cool nights in the winter months around the Neujahreszeit. Although we are here near the equator, so in the subtropics, so it can be in the high mountain areas at night very cold.
Intense rains are unpredictable, but they focus on the rainy season from May to October.>> Thailand Weather & Climate

So if you want a real taste of ThailandThat would definitely visit again the Isaan, to which there is still much real unspoiled nature. The Isaan is a bit exhausting, and for "new" farangs often do not understand that simple. You may not see everything with "western eyes", but should strive to put blinders to understand the country and its people.

Travel in the Isaan and within the region is through the very extensive bus network and 3 rail lines today without problems. The accessibility of the Bangkok to Isaan has been offering domestic airlines scheduled flights to all regional airports for tourists easier. Especially in major cities in Isaan, it is possible to find a hotel with European standards, sometimes even luxury hotels.You can find here accommodations to all destinations and can book directly online.


10.Northeast Thailand Map with itineraries for tours in Thailand and Isaan


9. Directions from Bangkok to northeastern Thailand. Isaan Travel by plane, train or bus
Getting to Chiang Mai:
If you do not have direct flight to Chiang May have booked, you can air tickets to Chiang Mai and other domestic flights directly to the Suvarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok pills, more than an online travel agency, but reserve. >> Flight Schedule & Rates
After arriving onChiang Mai Airport, you will find a taxi in the arrivals hall switch with fixed prices. If you are not picked up from the hotel, you come so quickly and easily to the hotel or guest house.
2. Way - with a VIP bus from Bangkok or Aircon Northern bus terminal [Mochid]
The journey by bus to Chiang Mai is about 10 to 12 - price ~ 400 to 600ThB.

3. Way
- by train to the Royal Thai Railway from Bangkok "Hualampong"
The train ride from Bangkok Central Station takes about
11h by car.

Transportation within the city of Chiang Mai:Here there are taxis [converted pickups], tuk-tuks [three-wheeled motorcycle rickshaws], bicycle-rickshaws and buses at low cost.

Rental car, rental bikes &, Tours - There are many places in Chiang Mai to cars, mopeds and motorcycles for rent - ideal the surroundings of Chiang Mai to know must see.
It can be booked in almost all the guest houses and hotels cheap organized tours 1-5 days. >> Chiang Mai travelogue picture

vip-bus to North Thailand aircon bus thailand
VIP Bus Aircon Bus
railway connection-bangkok - chiang mai taxi thailand
Thai Railway A-ride



8. Links to more Urlauszielen in the north-northeast and southern Thailand
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